Armored SWAT Trucks

Armored SWAT trucks are produced specifically for institutional clients to use in tactical situations. Every armored SWAT truck we build is designed and manufactured using high-hardened ballistic steel, armored glass, and ultra-high-performance composite armors. While most armored SWAT trucks are built to European Level B6+ standards, we also offer B7-level armor-piercing proteciton to give SWAT agents, police forces, bomb squads, or military personnel the highest level of protection available on the market. Additionally, all of our armored SWAT trucks come with high-end runflat inserts so that the vehicle can keep moving even when under attack. In addition to the standard armoring features we offer, the following options can be added to nearly any of our armored SWAT truck configurations:

Available Armored Truck Options:

  • Rotating Turret
  • Roof Hatch
  • Rotating Roof Hatch
  • Sniper Stand
  • Skip Plates
  • Spot and Flood Lights
  • Additional Insulation Package
  • AP Glass Package
  • Rhino Liner Exterior Paint (Roof and other areas)
  • Cameras and Monitors
  • Inverters
  • Winches
  • Additional SWAT Electrical Package (Strobes and Light Bars)
  • Stealth mode (kills brake lights, back up lights, back up alarm and etc.)
  • Gamma Detector
  • Thermo Imaging Cameras
  • Sirens and PA’s
  • Additional Ballistic Protection
  • Clean Air Filtration System
  • Charging System with quick disconnect

Below is an armored SWAT truck photo slideshow showing photos of armored SWAT trucks we've recently produced:

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Armored SWAT Truck SUV

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About TAC Armored SWAT Trucks

TAC specializes in building armored SWAT trucks for buisnesses, governments, and private individuals in need of executive protection. In fact, our staff has over 30 years of experience producing armored cars, armored trucks, and armored SUVs. We specialize in high-end armored SWAT truck projects for our distinguished clients, so please contact us today to discuss your armored SWAT truck needs.

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