Armored Cash Trucks

Armored cash trucks are available in numerous configurations depending on the requirments of the end user. TAC can produce armored Fed trucks for inter-bank money transfers involving large amounts of cash and/or valuables. For smaller cash transfers, armored route trucks are available with drop chute and armed guard compartments for armored car service companies. Additionally, TAC can produce armored check-cashing trucks and cash vans for mobile transactions and small money transport operations. In sum, TAC can produce numerous armored truck solutions and even outfit armored trucks with specialized security options. Below is an armored truck photo slideshow showing photos of armored trucks we've recently produced:

Our Armored Truck manufacturing facility is located in San Antonio, TX. To schedule a tour of our facility, please e-mail us at
Armored Truck (E350 Side View)

Armored Truck (E350 Front View)

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About TAC Armored Cash Trucks

TAC specializes in building armored cash trucks for buisnesses, governments, and private individuals in need of executive protection. In fact, our staff has over 30 years of experience producing armored cars, armored cash trucks, and armored SUVs. We specialize in high-end armored cash truck projects for our distinguished clients, so please contact us today to discuss your armored cash truck needs.

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